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Comments from our readers

We are posting the comments from those who have watched the movie "Chrysalis Cat" in the questionnaire in the order of their contribution. (Please note that the comments are unedited and may contain spoilers.)


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Tonakai Ichiro (Freelance)

The theme of the work reminded me of something Murakami Haruki wrote in the afterword to Raymond Chandler's "The Long Goodbye," which he translated, and I realized that "this is hard-boiled fiction disguised as a comedy."


I felt that the way the main character Yasu first silently accepts the enormous, fateful force of being left behind on the island, and then confronts the ``weakness within himself and the limitations that have been set for him'' that prevents him from escaping, and even though he ``knows that it will ultimately end in a losing battle,'' he clings to the values that have been passed down to him without selling them off for money, and ``protects the norms he created as much as possible.'' As a result, he experiences a sense of loneliness and anxiety at being left behind by the world, but at the same time, he protects the values that he has no choice but to cling to in order to keep himself honest, which I thought was extremely hard-boiled.


I'm at a loss for words when it comes to my impressions of Movie's cafe MATERIAL tanimachi, so I'll just end it by saying, "I want to play with cats."



I thought this movie would feature cats as the main characters, but there's actually a cat alien in it!?

The story and the actors were solid and it was a film that more people should see.

The words "Get off Sanagi Island" really stuck with me.

There are a lot of things on that island that I don't want to change... There are no schools, no post office, no police box, and no vending machines. There are many inconveniences, but I don't want them to change. But at the same time, I'm worried that if things don't change, the island will eventually lose population and what will happen to it.

I wish that alien would move here with his friends and protect the cats .

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Bravo Kitamura (unemployed)

Nomura's works are as always outstanding when it comes to depicting the human element.

The quality is so high that it's hard to believe this is his second feature film.

As expected, the world-famous Nomura is a genius.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Junichi Murakami (Owner of Nekonoshima Hostel/Former Komadori Bunko)

I used to run a second-hand bookstore under the eaves of a movie theater, and now I've come to realize that Sanagishima Island is the setting for a movie! It's a deeply moving movie in many ways, and the slightly mysterious nature of it is addictive!

One scene


I was stunned by the beauty of the images. The blue sea, sky, and cats of Sanagishima Island. I was drawn in by the strange lost item and its owner, even as I puzzled over it. Yasu, who may seem stubborn but is actually quite upstanding, is human and like the spirit of the island. I was intrigued by the background of Chika, who greedily pursues her, and Kiyoshi, who accepts her with hesitation. It was a mixture of the absurd, the real humanity, and the simple poverty we all desire, and I wanted to watch it again. (As a fan of "Goodbye," I thought that this kind of "afterward" for Sueda and Shibata would be fine.)

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Yusuke Tachibana (Actor)

Sanagi Island, overflowing with cats and nature, is somehow sad. What exactly is abundance? Where is happiness? What is a place to belong?

It may seem like an answer to "goodbye," but modern problems, filled with contradictions, are becoming more complicated.

It's a film that doesn't give you easy answers and will make you want to watch it over and over again to digest it.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Tetsugoro (unemployed)

The story is set in my hometown, Sanagishima Island, and it made me feel nostalgic and like I was back on the island.

A scene from "Cat pupa"


Cat Island and science fiction.

At first I wondered if it was science fiction, but it was a science fiction fantasy movie that made me feel very warm and kind. The colors (both the scenery and the clothes) were beautiful and fun to watch, and the choice of words made me laugh, but also tugged at the back of my mind.

Each character is charming and I like them all! Yasu in particular is blunt, kind, and strong, and his choice of words, which makes it hard to tell if they are normal or out of place, was also very funny.

Some of the scenes that left a strong impression on me were when Hanako and Yasu went to pray, when they looked up at the stars at Yasu's house, when Chika carried the capsules, and when Kiyo apologized.

Also, I thought that since Yasu smokes so much, they must be selling them on the island, right?

A scene from "Cat pupa"


It was a work that made me feel that Opanpon Creative Company, or rather Nomura-san, was taking on a new challenge! It wasn't a fast-paced development like "Long goodbye" or a chilling feeling like "Sunset" when you understand the meaning, but a work that carefully handled "people". It was a work that made me realize that something that was so obvious that I couldn't see it can change the way it looks, and become visible, and it was a work that empathizes with the viewer, making them realize that this applies to everyone.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Anonymous (Theatre staff)

I was soothed by the laid-back nature and abundance of cats on the remote island, but I wondered if something from the past of the city dweller who returned home would be revealed, or if the story would develop into a story about the secrets and awkward atmosphere between the people who still live on the island, but then a sudden turn of events made me burst out laughing at the line, "There are so many elements!" What would he think about the final view from the train window? What would he think if it appeared in front of him? Surprisingly, maybe there's nothing he can do...

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Masumi Tange (T-works)

Beautiful scenery of Sanagishima Island and lots of cats! People who remain on the land and people who have left the land. Staying in your own place can sometimes be tiring and you even forget how to laugh.

I had always wondered why Chika was so preoccupied with the things in front of her, but when she left the island, she said with a smile, "I didn't know there were so many people here," and I realized that she had been sending out an SOS, and that she had been saved, even if it had been a little. I wonder why it's so painful for her to see the place she was in become lonely, even though she left it behind.

The sci-fi made me laugh more than I expected, and no matter what unknown thing Yasu comes his way, he embraces it with a big heart and blows it away with a bang, so it was very refreshing!!

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Name withheld by request

Sanagishima Island is famous as a cat island, so I was looking forward to seeing how the story would interact with the cats.

Yasu-kun is blunt, but there are times when I felt there was kindness behind his harsh words and he wanted to take a step forward, which was heartbreaking.

While Chika-chan and Kiyo-kun were thinking about why Kiyo-kun couldn't speak up, the ending came before they knew it.

I really liked the scene where Hanako appears. I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

We live in a world where you need money to do anything. I was relieved that Chika didn't spend any of the money she earned for legitimate reasons.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Moko0910 (office worker)

It was a movie that really made me feel Ai Sayanagi! There were a lot of scenes that reminded me of my memories, and I was happy. It was a movie that really touched my heart.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

kinsachi (housewife)

I was captivated by the fact that the film started right from the inner sanctum of Daitengu. It was a place my mother loved. Even as a child, the grass was so thick that we could only go partway there, but in the film, it looked like my mother was walking under the ground.

Also, the actor playing "Yasushi-kun" gradually started to look like Sanagi's person, and I thought actors are amazing. Although he loved Sanagi very much, he was shy, blunt, and not good at talking, but he was also a busybody, and I felt nostalgic, thinking, "There was an old man like that."

Thank you for using my living room for the scene with Yasushi and the alien. I couldn't help but shout out, "Uchiyan!"

Finally, it was good to see everyone in Motoura. It was very interesting to feel the reality of the island amidst the beauty of the scenery. Thank you very much.

I would also be happy if you could take photos from a different angle.

Thank you everyone.

A scene from "Cat pupa"

Mamoru Nakano (Nakano Theatre Company)

It was a work filled with various charms. The main character's "exquisite personality" is particularly noteworthy. There were many funny scenes. They were not flashy, but had a sense of refinement. It was really strange how such a setting could be made into such a proper movie. It made me want to go to Sanagi Island. It would be nice to have so many cats.

A scene from "Cat pupa"


The beautiful scenery and starry sky of Sanagi Island. Mysterious and fantastical things seem like they could really happen! A story of three strange days that took place on a quiet island. The lines of the characters written by Nomura really resonate with me, and it feels like they're being said to me. It's not just about taking on challenges or breaking out of your shell. I learned that it's also important to quietly protect the places where you can live comfortably. I hope this movie will be screened on the big screen!

A scene from "Cat pupa"
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