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Screening Information

"Cat pupa" MATERIAL screening list


ABC Hall
(1-1-30 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)


December 23 (Saturday)


[Advance and same-day tickets] [Tax included] [All seats unreserved]

Single entry ticket: 1,500 yen

1-day pass: 3,500 yen (allows viewing of 3 films on the same day)

*All tickets must be paid for on the day (cash payment only). Admission numbers will be issued in the order in which reservations are received and will be notified by email.


Director Nomura Arushi and Cinematographer Takenobu Takayuki will be appearing in a cross-talk with "I wish we could become friends" (from around 16:30), and Director Nomura Arushi, Ichise Naoyo who plays Chika, and Cinematographer Takenobu Takayuki will be appearing for a pre-talk for this film.

The crosstalk can be viewed with an all-day ticket or with a ticket to see either "Chrysalis Cat" or "I Wish We Could Be Friends."



The story takes place on Sanagi Island in Kagawa Prefecture, famous as Cat Island.

With the cooperation of the islanders, the entire film was shot on location on the remote island, which would normally be difficult to do, and this sci-fi human comedy about Sanagi Island is sprinkled with the beautiful, idyllic scenery that is the island's charm!

The director and screenwriter is playwright Nomura Yuji, whose previous work "Sayonara" won numerous awards at film festivals both in Japan and abroad, including the Filmination Award at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival (Japan), the Best Crime Film Award at the Kokai International Film Festival (India), the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Wallachia International Film Festival (Romania), and was selected for the Foreign Film category at the Swiss International Film Festival.
Nomura, who is acclaimed for his works that combine pathos and laughter and make full use of his unique tempo and timing, carefully depicts the sad yet beautiful human (?) patterns surrounding the future, past and present of people who have chosen various places to live.

This quiet science fiction drama, uniquely Japanese, has been acclaimed at film festivals both in Japan and abroad, including the Minsk International Film Festival in Belarus and the Kokai Film Festival in India, for its unique folktale-like feel, which is created by the intermingling of everyday traditional scenery with the extraordinary that quietly appears next to it.



A seemingly gruff man named Yasu lived on Sanagi Island in the Seto Inland Sea, an island famous as a cat island.
One day, Yasu meets a woman named Hanako wandering the island soaking wet, who asks him to find a "bag" that she had dropped into the sea and lost.
At that time, Yasu's childhood friend Chika and her husband Kiyoshi, who were visiting their hometown at the time, happened to discover a mysterious round capsule-shaped "bag" on the beach, but inside it was an unbelievably large stack of bills.
Before long, Hanako's presence begins to slowly disrupt the lives of the islanders...



Asahina Taku (Maimu Pro) Official Profile
Nanami Hatagawa (Phantom Lantern Theatre) Official Profile
Naoyo Ichinose (baghdad cafe', Maimu Pro) Official Profile
Official Profile of Nomura Yuji (Opanpon Creation Company)


Whale rock

Director and scriptwriter: Nomura Yuji

Director of photography, editor and production manager: Takayuki Takenobu (UMI Film makers)
Assistant Director: Yamato Kashihara (120) Tomoaki Hayashi Cinematographer: Hiroki Tanigawa Lighting: Kazunori Takeda (NOLCA SOLCA Film)
Sound: Osamu Asaba (Chicks)
Music Hamama Cave (Ossicles)
Beauty KOMAKI (kasane)
Sculptor: Hisataro (Anahaim Factory)
Photo Record: Ohana (Noisy Bloom)
Production Assistant: Hinata Shinohara, Emi Misaka (Booster)
Advertising art: Shuhei Katsuyama (Comet Magic)
Local cooperation: Momoka Sakagawa Production: UMI Film makers
Co-produced by Opanpon Creative Company Distribution Booster

ARTS for the future!2 - Support project for reviving cultural and artistic activities following the COVID-19 pandemic

2022/Japanese film/88 minutes/Color/Stereo/Eirin number 124178 G category

Screening and Award History

Copy of 2024_OfficialSelection_ARCFFLaurel_Purple.png

1) Savin International Film Festival, India (August 2023) Best International Feature Film and Best Director Awards

②Selected for the 1st Akabane Independent Film Festival in Japan (August 26, 2023)

3) Special Jury Award at the Sittanavasal International Film Festival in India (August 2023)

④India-Singapore International Film Festival (August 2023) Best International Feature Film, Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Sound

⑤ Selected for the first round of the 15th Japan Video Grand Prix (2023) in Japan ⑥ Official selection for the Minsk International Film Festival (2023) in Belarus

7. Best Feature Film Award at the Kokai International Film Festival, India (October 2023)

​⑧Official Selection of the Kansai Small Theater Film Festival (2023) at ABC Hall in Japan

⑨ Official Selection of the Royal Chance Film Festival (2024) USA

⑩ India May International Film Festival (2023) Best Actor Award (Taku Asahina) and Best Actress Award (Nami Hatagawa)

⑪ Ukraine Lily Indy Film Festival (Winter 2024) Best Feature Award


⑫ USA Muzzle Award (2024) Best Feature Award

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